Portfolio > Chromatopia 1-6: the color of place

Chromatopia 3
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 43" x w 54" d 3"
Chromatopia 4
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 57" x w 25" x d 3"
Chromatopia 2
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 53" x w 39" x d 3"
Chromatopia 5
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 53" x w 23" x d 3"
Chromatopia 1
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 53" x w 45" x d 3"
Chromatopia 6
plant dyed fabric remnants
h 56" x w 31" x d 3"

Chromatopia, meaning ‘the color of place’, is a six work series that expresses the intuitive and instinctual ways color and place map our lives. This series is created by utilizing cotton fabric remnants from another ongoing series Collected Color and others natural dye projects. The colors in Chromatopia vibrate across time and place because they are derived from plants that have been sustainably collected across the country; the colors are imprinted into the cloth leaving serendipitous marks that map different places and eco systems.
The cotton fabric remnants vary in size and color. I layered up to 4- 6 pieces at a time and adhered them into large panels about 2’ x 6’. The panels were then gently moved through a sewing machine with no thread. The puncture holes which are commonly purposeful to stitch the fabric pieces together are left unthreaded. It interests me to have thread-less holes that have no structural purpose or relevance.
Finally the panels are cut into strips of various widths and lengths. I weave the strips on the wall, building abstract compositions that focus on positive and negative spaces. These compositions remind me of latitude and longitude lines that are sourced from a disintegrating grid system. However, the structural integrity of the compositions is supported solely by the tension of the over-under-over formation of the hand weaving.